Summer Song, 2006

I sang this one into Being on my walks around the Lake
every morning.  Then one day, I could not sing.

I am the Song, not the Voice

My mind can go in all directions
But I am free. I'm free,I know
On this path I walk in beauty
Simply loving what is so.

On this path I walk in peace
As the gentle breezes blow.
Though I never look behind me,
In each footprint a flower grows.

And the sun warms my way and makes it clear
And the rain washes 'way all my fear.
Shame, blame, and doubt disappear
For my mind is on the One,
The radiance of my inner sun,
My mind is on the Good now and here.

My thoughts can go in alldirections
But I embrace and bringthem home
To the dancing lights andlaughter
To the sweet melody of Om.