The Me of Me

I am
And there is a Me of me
That always was
And is - And will be.

I am Love.
Even when I'm lonely,
Hurt, afraid, sad, angry
Or all of the above
The Me of me Is always loving
Always loved.

I am Peace.
Even though the world may try
To push and shove me
Make me cry
There is a stillness
Deep inside
Where Peace resides.

I am Beauty.
Even when no one sees
When I forget
Or don't believe
The Me of me
Always was, Is
And will be - Beauty.

I am Light.
Even in the darkest night
Even when I want to hide
Or feel the deepest blue inside
The Me of me is bright.
I am Light.

Whenever I choose to uncover
The Me of me and find - I love her!
It changes how I look at you
What I think and say and do.
I see what's true for the Me of me
Is also true for the You of you.

We are the rays of One Sun,
Brilliant, full of power.
We're each a word in a Love Poem,
Petals of a Lotus Flower.
You and I are One together,
Notes of a precious Song.
We are drops in the Ocean
Of God. We belong!